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Our 6 purposes for this 2020

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Personally (not just as a brand) these are the proposals we have planned for this 2020.

1.- Reduce to the maximum the containers of a single use.

Every minute, the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastics reaches the sea and every year up to 12 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans causing serious damage. Source: greenpeace

  •  1.- Continue buying fruit and vegetables in reusable cloth bags.
  •  2.- Use the enameled cups, to take the coffee to go, thus avoiding using single-use glasses. Note: Since they are made of metal, we don't have to worry about them breaking when we put them in the backpacks
  • 3.- Items such as bread, a croissant, etc. If we are going to consume it at the moment, ask that they give it to us in the hand, so as not to generate a residue that will last us 5 min.
  • 4.- Reject items such as straws, unnecessary packaging, etc.

2.- Reduce meat consumption.

Yes, with the data of the average consumption of meat, dairy and eggs in Spain you can calculate the equivalent CO2 emissions. In our country, each person emits on average 1,130.70 kilos of CO2 equivalent * each year according to the current consumption of food of animal origin. These emissions are the same as those produced by traveling 10,000 km in a gasoline utility car with the energy classification B. Source: Greenpeace

  • 1.- Reduce our meat consumption to 1 time every two weeks
  • 2.- Consume local and organic products.
  • 3.- Beach Cleaning

According to the report of the NGO Ocean Conservancy Building a Clean Swell 2018, butts are the most common waste in the oceans. They are at the top of the list of the Top 10 most polluting items in the oceans. Each butt can contaminate between 8 and 10 liters of seawater and up to 50 liters if it is fresh water.

One of the great problems of our beaches, is that all the garbage that is deposited in them usually ends up in the sea, contaminating the water and all the marine life.

Our purpose for this 2020 is to continue collaborating with associations such as Pureclean, Greenpeace, etc. Cleaning and making people aware that the beach must be kept clean for the good of all.

4.- displacement in sustainable media

Try to travel in means of transport the most respectful with the environment possible. Currently, within the city we travel on electric motorcycles and / or bicycles, it is the trips outside it that create the greatest challenge, since it is not always possible to travel by train or are less profitable than other means such as the plane.

5.- Consume seasonal and local products

The consumption of products out of season or foods that are not native generate a large emission of CO2 gases by transporting it, which is why we will continue trying to consume local and seasonal products.

6. Enjoy the trip

Being a small brand we are always thinking about how to compete against the big ones, and the lack of resources makes us often get frustrated at not being able to play in the same league as them. That is why this year, our purpose is to know that we have our limitations, assume that we compete in lower categories, but not worse and above all enjoy this wonderful trip, which is to create a community from 0.

In summary, our purpose for this 2020 is to continue trying to generate as little waste as possible, continue to manufacture our products locally, make limited productions so as not to generate excess surpluses and try to find shipping systems that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

These would be our purposes for this 2020, do you think we left any? What would be yours?


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