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Saltpeter, beneficial or harmful?

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Water sports lovers spend long days in the water waiting for the perfect wave, while the sun, wind and saltpeter are drying and dehydrating our skin, are the marks of our constant struggle at sea and we must have respect.

But not all are disadvantages, here we leave the advantages and risks of saltpeter.

· Saltwater contains innumerable trace elements such as sodium, iodine, zinc and potassium that are absorbed by the pores of our skin and renew the concentration of these in our body.

· The amount of salt and potassium chloride from the sea, help to heal and disinfect small cuts, wounds and chafing we have. In addition, they contain antibiotic properties for the body, as they help eliminate the bacteria that affect our skin.

· It is a natural scrub, eliminating the samples of our skin cells, thus improving blood circulation.


· The dryness and dehydration that the salt performs on our skin, that is why after long hours in the water it is highly recommended to hydrate well. Since there may be cases of irritation.

· The pollution of the oceans. Beaches with possible spills, near factories or urban beaches, are prone to contain high levels of pollution and in general it is better to limit the bath in them, since there may be cases of allergies and skin irritations.

* It should be noted that the contamination must occur in very high doses so that these discomforts arise.


Our recommendation, Moisturizing Cream DNA Repair of the Pirxots Cosmetics brand.

It is a sustainable moisturizer, specially designed to repair, moisturize and strengthen those skins exposed to salt, sun and wind hours. One point that we especially like is that it is a cream that contains natural active ingredients made in Barcelona, thus helping to preserve our beloved environment.


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